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Scale operations and amplify profits with our Rapid Deployment AI features, designed to instantly boost productivity. Utilise AI automation to revolutionise business processes, catalysing substantial growth and enhanced financial outcomes.

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Audio Processing

We offer accurate speech-to-text conversion for various voice data, including calls, virtual meetings, and podcasts. Our models also provide speaker detection, sentiment analysis, chapter detection, PII redaction, and more.

Image Generation

Kode pushes the boundaries of generative art and image creation by leveraging OpenAI's image APIs directly within custom workflows. Harnessing the power of deep learning and flexible client data points, it offers a diverse array of exciting options.

Data Extraction

Effortlessly extract data from unstructured invoices, documentation, or images with Kode's advanced capabilities. Customize the harvested data to create complex rule-based outcomes, updating other parts of your business in real-time for seamless integration and enhanced efficiency.

Data Compliance

Merge AI and human compliance seamlessly with Kode, enhancing compliance team output while reducing errors. Leverage Kode's powerful rule-based reasoning engine and feedback learning, alongside human intervention when needed, for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Video Analysis

Unlock valuable insights from your video content with Kode's partner's powerful analysis capabilities. Harness AI-driven tools to extract meaningful data, detect patterns, and gain deeper understanding from your visual assets.

Prepare Data for AI

Empower your datasets for AI-driven insights with Kode's robust data preparation tools. Streamline data cleansing, normalisation, and transformation processes to ensure optimal compatibility and accuracy for AI analysis.

HR AI Automation

Revolutionise your human resources processes with Kode's automation solutions. Streamline onboarding, performance evaluation, and more with AI-driven tools, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness across your HR operations.

Upskill Workforce

Empower your team to innovate and excel with Kode's intuitive AI tools. With no-code and low-code solutions, unlock the potential of AI technology without the need for extensive coding expertise, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth within your organisation.

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