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All-in-one platform to rapidly automate repetitive tasks

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No-code Intuitive Drag & Drop UI

Perfect for all team members & innovators who value efficiency and ease-of-use in crafting intelligent ways reducing the time of repetitive tasks. Build, edit, and customise without writing a single line of code.

6,000+ Integrations

Ready-to-use connections with popular business tools and services. Whether you need insights from your CRM, understanding project management states, or automating customer support with AI, Kode offers a vast array of integrations for various business functions.

Go Deeper with REST API

Unlock the full potential of Kode's platform, whether you're a seasoned developer or a no-code enthusiast. You'll find all the tools you need to enhance your projects with minimal effort. Experience the freedom to innovate and the power to execute within Kode's versatile ecosystem.

Workflow Chat with memory

Effortlessly integrate a real-time Chat Assistant into your workflows with Kode. Enhance your data pipeline with interactive insights, providing instant responses and guidance. Streamline operations and improve user engagement with Kode's Chat Assistant, ensuring smooth and efficient process flows.

Supports various file types and media

Kode's platform offers extensive support for a wide range of file types and media formats. Whether you are working with documents, images, videos, or audio files, Kode ensures seamless integration and compatibility. This flexibility allows you to manage and utilize diverse content effortlessly, enhancing your project's functionality and user experience.

Use Cases

Automate Back-office

Leverage Kode's automation capabilities to transform your back-office operations. AI excels at automating routine and monotonous tasks. By taking over these tasks, AI reduces the fatigue and inattention that often lead to errors in manual processes. Deploy intricate automations that streamline tasks which typically consume hours of manual effort.

Audio Video processing

Effortlessly analyse audio & video files, gaining valuable insights into trends and company performance. Further route this data across multiple departments within your organisation.

Automating Data Analytics

AI can understand, sort and compile large amounts of data in seconds. Kode processes what used to be labor-intensive processes and automate them. It creates a space where accurate and relevant data can freely flow through all channels of your organisation.

Minimise Human Error

AI can process and analyse vast amounts of data much faster and more accurately than humans. It can identify patterns and insights that might be missed by human analysts, leading to better-informed decision-making.

Intelligent Workflows: Automation & AI transforming business

Combining automation, AI, and data analytics, intelligent workflows are reshaping business processes for increased efficiency and adaptability

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Securely integrates with your favourite software

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asked questions

What is Kode, and how does it work?

Kode is a self service No-code / Low-code AI workflow solution that enables businesses of all types to increase efficiency in their day to day operations. Build intelligent workflows by automating repetitive tasks reducing costs.

Does Kode train models on any private info ?

No, with Kode your data belongs to you and never train or fine-tune any kode models with your private data.

Does Kode include API keys for OpenAI, Antropic, Mistral, Cohere API 's or any other providers?

Yes, Kode includes API keys for OpenAI, Anthropic, Mistral, Cohere, and various other providers. On some plans, you also have the option to bring your own keys, allowing for greater flexibility and customization to meet your specific project needs.

I want to use Kode but don't know where to start can anyone help?

Sure please contact us here we can provide your business with a fully managed integration Kode.

Startups MVP POC
AI Building Blocks: Accelerating Startup Growth

Kode AI allows startups to scale their business quickly and effectively, leveraging advanced AI tools to optimize processes and deliver innovative solutions without the need for additional AI personnel. It’s an ideal strategy for lean startups aiming to achieve more with less, ensuring sustainable growth and competitive advantage in the fast-paced business environment.

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