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Data Integrity, AI Brilliance: Your Source of Truth.

Securely collect, organise, and analyse your data with the power of AI to make more informed decisions.

How it works

No Code, Just Creation. Get Setup in 10mins!

With Kode there's no need to assemble your own AI tech stack from scratch. Follow our straightforward steps and swiftly access comprehensive insights on your data.

Working with leading industry partners

Securing PII: Safeguarding Data while Unleashing AI Insights.

Kode is an ideal solution for various business functions including DevOps, Management, Sales & Marketing, Operations, and BI teams, empowering diverse departments to achieve their goals efficiently.

Seamless data Integrations:

Expertly facilitating smooth integrations with key databases like MongoDB, DynamoDB, Cloud SQL, and Firestore to streamline your operations and maximize data utility.

Start your AI automation today!

Getting started is easy

It only takes 10 mins!

We are continually enhancing our platform by adding new data sources to cater to your diverse needs.

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