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Easily Deploy AI Assistants

Transform Your Business with Kode: Simplify Your AI Integration and Secure Your Data. Kode is designed to empower business owners and product teams with easy-to-use Data Assistants. Our platform accelerates the adoption of advanced AI solutions, streamlining your processes and safeguarding your data. It's an ideal tool for swiftly integrating smart, data-driven decision-making capabilities into your business operations.

How it works

No Code, Just Creation. Get Setup in 10mins!

With Kode there's no need to assemble your own AI tech stack from scratch. Follow our straightforward steps and swiftly access comprehensive insights on your data.

Working with many AI partners

Off-the-Shelf AI Solution

Kode Offers the Speediest No-Code Setup to Securely Oversee Your AI Data Lifecycle

Start your AI automation today!

Getting started is easy

It only takes 10 mins!

We are continually enhancing our platform by adding new data sources to cater to your diverse needs.

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